Used Vacuum Truck
Used Vacuum Truck
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2008 NLB 405 Water Blaster (HB-57)

Trailer mounted NLB Water Blaster, 20,000 PSI at 30 GPM, and a 10,000 PSI conversion (at 60 GPM)... More Info

NLB 36200, 36,000 PSI Water Blaster (AT-40K)

NLB 36,000 PSI @ 6gpm Operating pressure, Dual Axle Trailer Unit, On Board Air Compressor, Pintle... More Info

1994 Peterbilt Cusco Vacuum Truck VT-33 1994 Peterbilt, Cusco, Vacuum Truck (VT-33)

1990 Cusco Vacuum Unit, Hydraulically Driven Moro M9 (547 CFM) Vacuum Pump, 6" Intake, 6"... More Info

2002 Tennant Street Sweeper 2002 Tennant 830-II Street Sweeper (SS-1)

Innovative dry-dust control improves ambient air quality by sucking up dust and dirt stirred up by... More Info
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NLB 20253 E (V-3)

Reconditioned, Rebuilt Pump, Converted to Water Lubrication, Tested and Painted with Urethane... More Info

Sample photo of previously reconditioned Gap Vax 2000 Volvo, Gap Vax, Vacuum Truck (VT-30)

Reconditioned Chassis and 2000 Gap Vax, HV-57-230, Vacuum Truck with Hydraulically Operated Boom... More Info

1998 Ford Keith Huber King Vac Vacuum Truck VT-31 1998 Ford, Keith Huber, King Vac, Vacuum Truck (VT-31)

1998 Keith Huber, King Vac Vacuum Truck with Top Mounted Hydraulically Operated 6 Boom, Kaiser... More Info

1997 Keith Huber, King Vac, Vacuum Trailer (VT-37)

1997 Keith Huber, King Vac Vacuum Trailer with a Rebuilt 3,700 CFM Kaiser Liquid Ring Pump, Rebuilt... More Info

1995 International, Super Products, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Truck (VT-32)

1994 Super Products, Super Sucker 6117, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Truck. Rotary Lobe Blower 6,000... More Info

1987 Frell 130 bbl Stainless Steel Certified Vacuum Trailer 1987 Frell Stainless Steel 130bbl Certified Vacuum Trailer

Vacuum Tanker has a Deutz engine running a National Vacuum... More Info

Used Vacuum Truck Used Vacuum Truck Used Vacuum Truck Used Vacuum Truck Used Vacuum Truck